L’Atelier, agence ESS de la région IDF, annonce la Pêche

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Merci à l’Atelier, le centre de ressources régional de l’Economie Sociale et Solidaire, d’avoir annoncé la monnaie locale la Pêche dans cet article.

Article l'Atelier sur la Pêche, monnaie locale

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2 Responses to L’Atelier, agence ESS de la région IDF, annonce la Pêche

  1. Kris dit :

    The only positive way this could play out for us is if they were to do the enhxacge like they did back in 2003 with a 1:1 enhxacge in country; which would be impossible and cause a major shortage in lower denoms. We esleltiasny will be losing money at enhxacge because of the inflated costs at which we purchased our dinar at. I guess the smartest play would be to open a Warka account and wait for the dinar to reach its full potential.

  2.   MoniSeptember 21, 2012Oh, Cruella will be DELIGHTED! Seriously very nice. Pretty and playful at the same time.Now, if they could finally give me some cow-patterned shoes that aren’t clogs…

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